The Wizard of Trump


We haven't learned much new about Trump in his first 100 days in office, except perhaps how to put a finer point on his brand of con artist. I don't think he's a Charles Ponzi or Bernie Madoff, or even a William McCloundy, the man who repeatedly sold the Brooklyn Bridge. Rather, he seems to be another Wizard of Oz, a charismatic charlatan whose skill is to work a crowd and stoke their anger and fear. He got elected through a confidence game much like the Wizard's: bluster, intimidation, and promises built on whatever he fabricates at the time. He even has his own Republican Munchkins to flatter and bow to him, especially Mayor McConnell and Vice-Mayor Ryan. He has turned the White House into Oz.

Some voters actually count on his help - for a brain, a heart, courage, or to take them home. But since taking office, Trump just keeps on making everything up, like the Wizard,  all smoke and mirrors and a phony sales pitch. He has no idea how complicated the real work of being President is. He cannot help anyone or give anyone anything, and he is not taking anyone back to Kansas. We are on our own. Meanwhile, he bellows and makes a ruckus, scaring everyone half to death. When he finally flies away,  Trump will take with him the last of any remaining false hopes, just like the Wizard did to those who once believed his charade. 

When the Wizard was confronted with the truth, he confessed his deception and briefly became somewhat sympathetic before he disappears. Trump has been confronted with the truth repeatedly, and either doesn’t care or denies it as fake news. That’s where the similarity ends.